Three Essentials For Your Journey

As you begin your journey with Jesus, we pray you will undertake these three things to become a strong believer. 



Baptism is an outward sign of inward renewal. Baptism is also a step of obedience in following Jesus.  Baptism does not save you, but all saved people are commanded to be baptized. Water baptism at Mercy Church happens by full immersion. Sign up below to get the conversation started!




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Few things are as important for as having a mature Christian we can check in with, ask questions, and do Bible Study with. This is not a program or a set curriculum, this is about having somene in your life who cares and prays for you. This may mean meeting regularly or occasionally. Don't journey alone.


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Being plugged into a local church community is essential. The local church is where we grow by worshipping and hearing the Word of God, learn about opportunities to serve and are strengthened in our walk and faith.  We strongly encourage you be part of a church community.


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We're overjoyed that you want to follow Jesus. Our greatest desire is to see you equipped for the journey. We want to bless you with 3 important resources:


- ESV Study Bible, so you can look up comments and notes as your read the Bible.

- Biography of George Muller, so you can learn what trusting in God in everyday life looks like

- Growing Your Faith, so you can learn about the importnat practices to become more like Jesus.


Click the button below, and we will send you 3 books for free. Nothing is more important in life than this and we want to part of your journey! Let's GROW!

What Do Christians Believe?

This series below will help you answer that question.

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What is the Trinity?

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What is the Church?

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What is the The Bible?

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What do we believe about Creation

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