“Learn to do right! Seek justice, encourage the oppressed. Defend the cause of the fatherless, plead the case of the widow.”


Isaiah 1:21



About Mercy Cares


Mercy Cares is an outreach arm of the church. The mission of Mercy Cares is to meet the needs of our community. Our ministry organizes, coordinates, and executes events, drives, donations, and financial aid to help the hurting. Having experienced the kindness and mercy of God, we seek to do the same for others. Our job isn't done until the prisoner is visited, the refugees are cared for, the poor are clothed, the hungry are fed, and the thirsty are given a cup of water (Matthew 25:36). It's our joy.

Current Serving Opportunity


Food Bank

When: Saturday, May 11th


What You'll Be Doing: Sort and pack lunches


Address: Covington Post Office Food Sorting



Making A Difference Together





$ 36222


Outreach Hours




Thank you so much for your contributions. We pray these dollars and hours are used by God to glorify His name and make a concrete difference in the lives of so many. We pray the hours sacrificed and dollars given in years to come will be multiplied many times over. 


*We are a tithing church which means that we set aside 10% of all contributions for missions and outreach. This is the number of dollars given out to missions and non profits.


*Outreach hours reflects the number of volunteers multiplied by the amount of hours per outreach event. 



How Can We Help?

Do you need a meal?


In seasons of difficulty such as loss of a loved one, hospitalizaton, crisis etc.,  a homecooked meal is the last thing in our mind.  Let us know and someone on our team would love to bring you a freshly cooked meal.

Do you need help around the home?


Sometimes we just need a hand to move a sofa from the pickup to the livingroom, or a handy person to fix a small issue in the home, but don't have anyone to call. If you're a single mom, elderly, or immobile, we would love to help you. 

Do you need financial assistance?


If you have a financial difficulty paying a bill - utilities, gas, groceries -  we would love to assist you. Please note we do not give cash or money to any individual(s). We have a criteria you must meet, and only then we can assist in working with the third party directly. 

Would you like to join the team of helpers?


Join a list of people we can contact when a need arises in our church. This doesn't mean you must serve at any moment on an on-call basis. Rather, you will be notified if there's a need, and if you are available and are willing, you will have the opportunity to help. Thank you!

Have a serving opportunity in mind for us? Or, question for our outreach team?


We would love to hear from you!