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What are Meet-Ups?


Meet-ups are fun and engaging events for people inside and outside the church to build relationships. We seek to have one or two events each month. Explore meet-ups below. You can also host a meet-up event at Mercy. Details below.

Mercy Church Kent, WA Members of Mercy Church are laughing at Mercy Church Leaders' Retreat



Saturday, Feb. 9

10 AM


13614 SE 281ST CT



Saturday, Feb. 17

5-8 PM


Renton Christian Center

16640 SE Old Petrovitskiy Rd.

Renton, WA 98058


$10 Admission

Mercy Church Kent, WA A volunteer is celebrating Mercy Church one year anniversary

Have an idea for a meet-up?


Let's make your idea happen at Mercy Church! Let us know the details by clicking the button below, and we will help you plan your event. We will also handle the promotion of the event as well as any other administrative tasks. We're excited to continue to provide opportunities for community. 

Don't Go Alone

It can be intimidating showing up at a new place meeting new people! We would love to make it as easy as possible for you to attend. As a leader of the event you're interested in, I would love to reach out to you via email or text and answer any questions you may have. I would love to have you join us!